Westminster Mint Co – Silver and Gold Bullions Review


1. Ordered silver bullion on Dec 26, 2012 – not a single update since then. 2. Called several times — left voicemails, emails. They either don’t pick up or pick up and lie that the order will ship the next day because they are backed up over the holidays. Reputable companies at least include their contact info in the email receipt — there is nothing from them. They use coin-rare as their website domain, but operate under Westminster Mint Co. Sequence of events: E-mailed Jan 2, to follow up on my order — no reply, called 888 number Jan 2 — was told that the order will ship out tomorrow, and if not to call again, called again the 888 number on Jan 3 because nothing shipped and no tracking info was sent — no one picked up because it was after hours so I left a message, to which no one ever responded. So I proceeded to call on Jan 5, with another useless promise that they were backed up and it will definitely ship out by Jan 7 or 8. Comes Jan 7 and no updates in my email later, I called the 888 number, where no one picks up in the middle of the day, then I called 800 Minnesota number, where a man picked up and directed me to some person that finally picked up and lied that my order would be shipped tomorrow or I don’t even remember when at this point. No updates, no tracking still, I wrote an e-mail on Jan 9 letting them know I will dispute my charges, to which of course no one replied. As the last measure I called the 800 number of the head office in MN directly, since experience showed the 888 number is being answered at liberty. The excuse of socially accepted human being that answered the phone was the rudest creature I’ve ever dealt with in my life. It seems as though he’s in the work-for-felons program because the way he proceeded to yell, interrupt and not listen to me – THE PAYING CUSTOMER – was beyond me. I asked to speak to the president Ian, who finds enough time to post on all the forums bashing on his company’s fraudulent deeds, but somehow doesn’t have enough time to actually take care of his business. The rude ex-con (I assume he’s an ex-con because he really did behave like a criminal) told me he’s not in and that I can leave a message. I told him no one ever answers my messages and explained my issue to him. He continued to yell and interrupt when I told him I will be cancelling my payment through the card company unless they deliver the bullion tomorrow. All he did was shove in my face the 888 number that operates as it wills and completely disregarded me not even as a customer, but as a person. When I called the 888 number, Jamie said they will process my refund by the end of the week. So I will update by Friday how that went through. I would advise not to believe those posts by Ian – the – president, because all he has to offer is excuses. I would have NEVER ordered, had I known how much headache and nerves this company causes. I will be reporting them to the BBB. Just a tip, Ian, if that freak that works for you didn’t treat me so rudely, perhaps I would have waited a few days longer for my order, but no way would I ever give you my money for you to treat me like scum of the earth. I invite all of you to stop purchasing from this joke of a company.

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