WESTWOOD INTERNATIONAL Panorama City California Review


I do not know how these guys got my telephone number but the moment they got hold of me, they never stopped asking me to avail of their package that is supposed to upgrade my current cancun travel packages I bought earlier from their sister company premier cancun vacations to cancun, mexico. They will not stop you until they get you to give out your credit card or debit card number. They have promised me to sell my cancun travel packages to an interested buyer but I needed to unlock it by upgrading it to another VIP mexico package to Bahamas. They even connected me to a potential buyer and the buyer sounded so convincing that he promised to deliver the payment of my packages once he gets a reference number. He can only get this if I have paid $499.00 to upgrade it and get the reference number to the person interested buying my upgraded package. I was so reluctant at first but they were very pushy and the supposed to be sale sounded so promising.It was like 100x worth of how much I originally purchased it for. In other words, they were able to convince me and there you go…charged my account for the transaction. I was told that I can cancel the package within 7 days of purchase. The guy who promised me to buy my travel package did not fulfill his promise of sending my money order the following day thru fedex. I waited and waited until few days have passed and nothing came. I cannot even contact his cell no and Jane Romero the agent was already making thousands of excuses to the point that I was already fuming mad. I decided to cancel the package and guess what…They will not allow me because I can only cancel it from my name to transfer it to another name. What a SCAM. The offices they gave me is close to my home and told them that I am going there but it was closed when I went there. Lourdes and Jane told me that they cannot get out of their booth because they were attending to other calls. I was so mad. I asked the manager of the management company where their offices is located and told me that they do not see people from their company coming on Saturdays. Bunch of liars!!!! These people deserve some punishments. I am definitely going to make sure they do not victimize more people out there who honestly work hard for their money. These guys need to be reported to for their wrong doings! Please help!!!!

155000 ERVIN STREET STE 4007 VAN NUYS, California United States of America



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