Wheelz.com San Francisco Review


I rented a Lexus IS in San Francisco from Wheelz.com. It stated it was $50 a day, which seemed OK at the time. nThe site failed to mention that the car had 175,000 miles on it, had warning lights on, was disgusting inside and it couldn’t drive in a straight line. I didn’t feel safe in the car at all while on the highway. They also failed to mention that you had to find street parking for the car, which was a nightmare in the middle of the city. nThey also make it seem like you get free fuel, like Zip-Car. I filled up the tank though, and they still charged me $50 for gas! Why?! Of course, thats a hidden fee in the long “terms and conditions””. nOverall

avoid Wheelz.com. They take 50%

so car owners have to charge a lot to make money. All of the cars are horribly over-priced. nWheelz.com competitors: nA (((REDACTED)): I rented a new Toyota for $24 a day with unlimited miles allowednZ (((REDACTED))): $90 a day with unlimited gas and 180 miles max. nThere are much better options out there. Wheelz.com will be out of business soon anyways. sorry

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