Whitlock and Associates, Inc.


Not returning my calls after I expressed my concerns to him.


My Complaint: I paid this business for a Service, he told me he was an Attorney and in the event that I decided to get a Divorce from my Spouse he would bring any findings of misconduct on my Husband’s part to Court and represent me. I explained to him I wasn’t sure I wanted a Divorce I just wanted to confirm information I had been given from a third party. Not only did he not perform, return my calls, send me reports that I requested, he disclosed to my Husband that I had hire him when my Husband seen the charge on my the Credit Card Statement. Initially he stated that I 18 hours of Service that had not been utilized at $65/hour. When I expressed my issues to him, he text me and called me a “Crazy Lady” and to date still has not responded to any of my request for a refund. I did request a chargeback from my Banking Institution. However, I feel he committed Breach of Contract, failure to provide a paid service, as well as misrepresentation to express just a few. In the event that my Bank does not honor my Charge Back, I am seeking a full refund the portion I paid on my Credit card (I do not have proof for the Cash he promised to send me one via email but he never did.


My Demand: Refund of portion charged to Credit Card

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