WhoisMind.com is located in Minsk (Bulgaria). They of course feel that the FBI has no jurisdiction here in Minsk (Bulgaria). I told them.” Have you ever heard of International Trade Agreements…its between the United States Government and other countries, your web sites can be removed from the United States Internet Server”…
People want to build websites and have fun and make money. Every now and then some companies come along and put a gun to your head and post your personal email address on the net, and tell you if you want it removed you got to pay them money. Internet Robbery with out the Gun.
I do not know these internet companies but I do own toptentogo.net , The 1 & 1 Web-Site, they do not know how this happened and I did not give permission for personal information to be posted. And I sure as there is a Hell will not pay them but I am entertaining the thought of taking them to court. I do not have web sites with them and thats that…Information is as follows…a copy and paste. I will of course remove my email address from this blog.
I do not know: Whoismind.com-…. www.whoismind.com/email/[email protected]
Discover who owns the Email Address [email protected], which domains, hostnames and names are related.Dont know, dont care, remove my email-address….will not, do not pay to be ripped off…Internet Scams…
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The email [email protected] is related to these domains :
1. toptentogo.net

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