WHOLE FOODS MARKET GLENDALE Glendale California Review


At Whole Foods Market Glendale, you can purchase any type of drugs, its been brought up to corporate but all they do is ignore it. The Store manager is involved he buys drugs on the premises, other employees do the same, Employees are constantly working, high, drunk, and under the influences of other drugs. nI have seen so much illegal activity go on in that store but can not come forward as management makes threats. Don’t Buy food from the prepared foods dept, since it is made from left over old food in other dept, meat dept is dirty team members do not wash hands after restroom. Iv seen it with my own eyes, I Have seen them drop meat on the floor and act like nothing happened and put it back!!!! nDont shop at Whole Foods Market Glendale, Plus the majority of the team members are convicts, and osme even sex offenders. This is coming from a current employee at Glendale. nWfmtmnGlendale, CaliforniaU.S.A.

331 N Glendale Glendale, California U.S.A.



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