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Keith Williams sold me 22 cartons of hardwood flooring . The contract read: $1272.51 w/tax, delivery $75.00 per Kevin. nWhen I picked up the wood in my van Keith charged me $1347.51. I signed the contract but noticed the mistake immediately. Keith told me he would credit my credit card $75.00. I called Keith the next day and he told me his credit card machine was broken. For a week he lead me to think that he was going to credit my credit card $75.00. nI filed a dispute with my credit card but they are saying that I signed the contract so they cannot give me my $75.00 back. I also filed a report with the BBB and the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs. nSince I filed with the BBB, Kevin Williams (owner) called me and threatened to report me to the Sheriff’s Dept. for fraud. Meanwhile he never answered the Better Business Bureau’s letters. nSuenmarietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

2129 Northwest Parkway,suite 109 Marietta, Georgia U.S.A.


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