Wholesale Jerseys Coloma Wisconsin Review


I ordered 7 NFL jerseys and 3 hats from this company online because they advertised $25 off 10 items at Christmas time. I thought it would be affordable jerseys and hats for my children who’s favorite teams are not our local team. After ordering I realized I have to pay a $25 fee to Western Union so no money was saved as they advertised. I proceeded anyway because i had already placed the order and felt ethically bound even though no money had changed hands yet. Honestly I still saved compared to ordering elsewhere at this point. Once my order arrived I was disappointed as it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, but furthermore all 3 hats ordered were missing! So I immediately notified the seller via email. Their initial responses were “your order is on its way.”” I replied

“”No its here

but missing pieces.”” They finally realized I was actually missing all 3 hats and claimed they were all out. They asked if they could “”owe me”” the merchandise until I placed another order. I explained to Jessie through emails I didn’t want to be owed anything as I have no intention of placing future orders based on the Western Union fees and the fact that they didn’t complete my first order why would I order again. After over a months worth of email exchanges and no solution I gave up and have filed with the econsumer website and will continue to let everyone know not to do business with Wholesale Jerseys NFL Jerseys CC at www.nfljerseysupply.cc/index.php?main_page=time_out. Lesson learned buy online from reputable dealers only – avoid no name China online businesses!”

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