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Complaint: Mitt Romney and his cronies fail to address the very simple, universally accepted fact: Bush and his administration caused the financial mess by failing to regulate wall street scum bags, allowed them to create fake financing, ponzi schemes, liar loans, all to run rampant. And even the most unfortunate understand that it takes years to unwind such travesties, YEARS and GENERATIONS! Unfortunately Obama had to place our economy on a Methadone fix to ween the U.S. off of its Heroin-like addiction to debt and screwball debt instruments sold to it by the Wall Street DOPE DEALERS. All of those women shown in these ads are the cause of our financial mess – they cashed out their homes, lost their real estate investments because they treated them like ATM’s, and raped the equity clean from their estates to the detriment of their children and grandchildren. NOW, who created these bullsh*t ads? Ending Spending is a conservative 501(c)4 group that focuses on federal spending and the national debt. The group originally targeted earmarks, but broadened its message to include balancing the federal budget and paying down the national debt. The group was founded by Joe Ricketts, the former CEO of TD Ameritrade and a known conservative backer. Brian Baker, the current president of Ending Spending, was an adviser to former Sens. Bob Dole and Richard Shelby. So can you guess why fat boys like these would want a repeat of the Bush era? Cash out time! Lines of credit! Derivatives! Bernie Madoff! Yeah! Let’s get some of that again. Joe Ricketts is a Billionaire. Mitt Romney is worth $250 Million. I am a mere multimillionaire, and I can’t figure out why these fat asses need to go through this much trouble to meaning in their lives.

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