Wichita County Sheriff’s Department – IMPOSTER SCAM Review


Lt. Whipple from the Wichita County Sheriff’s department (alias) called me around 2 p.m. and woke me.So I was not thinking clearly. He said he had a warrant for my arrest for not appearing in court on October 4, 2019. I had received a ticket around that time but had taken care of it. So, I figured something got missed. I have moved so I thought I missed the summons in the mail. I asked him what address he had for me and he had my address. VERY SCARY!! He said in order to clear it up I would need to come down and make a statement and pay a processing fee, that would be returned to me. They do not accept personal checks so you would need to stop and buy a Net Spend – prepaid Visa card or cash. He said to let him know when I had the cards and stupid me did. He asked asked where I purchased them and for the numbers on the card to make sure it was the right card. Once again, I was stupid and gave them to him. When I did, he hung up the phone. I called my card provider from the parking lot and refused payment on the transaction and canceled my card. I went back inside the store and told to the manager what had just happened. She called and is trying to cancel the cards from Visa. When I called Master Card, they told me there is fraud prevention on their cards. NICE to know! This guy sounds very profession and uses legal terms while he is talking to you. You can hear things in the background, like a female answering the phone… "sheriff’s department what is your emergency?" His number is (940) 227-2279!! PLEASE do not fall victim to him, as I did.

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