William J Cross and Sandra Schrier Lachance


Married 33 years cheated, lied, destroyed family. William J Cross, Bill Cross, W J Cross, Billy Cross, and Sandra Schrier Lachance, Sandee Lachance, they have lots of aliases and they are living now in sin after him cheating and lying to his wife. First they came to her house while she was working and stole about 100 bottles of premium bourbon among other things, and still she was stupid enough to think he would go back to being a real human…..then he showed up with the w****’s laundry; my, those bras take a long time to burn on a gas grill!!!! Final straw, after much giving in and being way too too nice, is when he took every penny out of her checking account. Judge gave her the house, the money, and everything she wanted……,can’t wait for the circle to go full around and the cheaters will cheat on the cheaters and end up not together anymore, leaving her poor 8 year old son with no daddy and no mommy because she will go back to jail where she belongs. Look her up in Missouri casenet. A wonder that Saddlebridge estates lets her stay there…..look it up!! Judge has already taken poor boy away twice!! Out of desperation he gave the boy back to her — how stupid!!!! Karma will get them, karma will get them

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