William R. Curry York Pennsylvania


Complaint: William R. Curry frauds the system again. After being charged with beating his pregnant wife, burglary, recieving stolen property, theft and other felony charges, Mr. Curry is now collecting welfare even though he has a paid attorney to represent hm on his criminal and civil matters. Mr. Curry had a support order since April 2011. After his criminal activities he still has paid counsil and filed for welfare and is now recieving food stamps. So he stands in the DRO office claiming he has no money he lives with his family and they support him. So welfare is permitted to those who can afford attorneys just not there food. Unbelievable. I guess soon his wife and children will be getting food stamps too. DRO has terminated the support order against MR. Curry only because he is recieving foodstamps and is to lazy to work. His father William E. Curry claims to have a successfull catering buisness PLAIN AND FANCY CATERING in spring grove pa that William R. Curry has the serve-safe certification to that buisness. Father cannot run it without son. Stay tuned for more reports on these frauders. There are more fraudulant dasterdly deeds this family is involved in such as insurance fraud and soon it will be welfare fraud.

Tags: Dead Beat Moms

Address: 2791 Pentland Road Spring Grove, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 717-683-4600

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