Wilsons Leather Upper Marlboro Maryland Review


During 2006 X-mas shopping season, Wilsons Leather employed trickery to sell its $25 gift cards, which are non-refundable. Here’s how: Wilsons deducted $25 from the amount customers paid and used it to pay for the non-refundable gift card. nHere’s how I was tricked. The jacket I wanted to buy had a price tag of $288. However, the salesperson said to disregard the $288, stating it was on sale and he would have to check before telling me the actual sales price. He went behind to counter, then verbally told me the jacket was on sale for $134. I decided on that jacket. nBefore ringing me up, the salesman directed my attention to posters and signs on their walls and counter regarding their promotion. The signs and posters indicated that customers making a purchase of $125 or more would be eligible to receive a $25 Gift Card. The jacket was on the counter to be rung up and the salesperson handed me the Gift Card and I accepted it since my purchase was exceeding $125. The transaction was completed, using my Visa credit card. This was 12/11/2006. nBefore ringing up my sale, the salesperson showed me two leather care products, which totalled $16.80. The salesperson and I decided these products could be purchased using the Gift Card. This would leave an $8.20 balance on the Gift Card. nOn 12/27/2006, I requested a refund. I brought everything to another local area Wilsons Leather store, located in Bowie Town, MD. I presented the jacket, leather care products, Gift Card, and receipts. The associate asked me to consider keeping the jacket, informing me it was now priced at $99. nI was expecting approx $134 that I spent at Wilsons Leather to be refunded as a credit back to my Visa card. But the associate issued a receipt showing a credit of only $109 back to my Visa card. The associate said $134 would not be refund back to my Visa card because I had only paid $109 for the jacket. nThe associate issued another receipt showing $8.20 credit to my Visa card. $8.20 is the unused balance on the Gift Card. I was given a Wilson Leather Merchandise Return Card, supposedly valued at $16.20, representing the return of products that were purchased with the Gift Card. nThe associate handling my return pointed out that the promotion indicated customers spending $125 were “eligible to receive a $25 Gift Card…”” Still

the bottom line is that Wilsons Leather intentionally mislead customers to believe it was giving $25 Gift Cards with $125 purchases. But what they actually did was “”sold”” the Gift Card

by discounting the merchandise receipt and using the $225 excess to cover the sale of the Gift Card. What kind of promotion was Wilsons Leather running

by charging $25 for its $25 Gift Cards?? I mean


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