Santa Barbara California Review


I recently had a terrible experience with this company. I ordered a nice bottle of wine ($140) for an event that I was having. All sales of the wines on are auctions. Not realizing that the auction was not set to end for another five days, and not accurately factoring in the shipping time, I bid on this particular bottle of wine for my event. Once I received notification that I had won–and then realized that it was too late to receive the wine before my event–I immediately contacted customer service and requested that they refund my money and ncancel the shipment. Since they had confirmed that it had not yet even shipped yet, I thought it would be no problem for them to refund my money. nNot the case at all. In fact, after a series of emails explaining why I no longer had use for their product, in the end I even received a rather snarky, finger-pointing email from Kevin Nichols in customer service. Pertinent parts of the email read as follows: n”Our website has the exact time each auction is ending

down to the minute

near the top of every single page of our site in bold black letters. We state on our site that wine is generally shipped within 2 weeks after itnis consolidated but we are happy to expedite the shipping process as soon as you request it. You agreed to our terms and conditions when signing up and prior to each purchase. Our terms and conditions clearly state ‘All bids and Buy Now orders are final.’”” nFurthermore

what’s even more appalling is the fact that they continually sell spoiled and corked wines to consumers. They do not adequately investigate the way the wines have been stored

and this continually nleads to spoiled bottles of wine even after making a representation that the wine had been properly stored. I personally received one spoiled bottle of wine and have had several friends that have said the same. nI will never do business with this company ever again.”

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