I bought a website a little over a month ago. 60,000 spoilersforless George Horner was the owner I was told and Kris Plier took care of the site. Geoge has a website called wtspoilers He makes and sells the spoilers in Kennendale Texas . They are the only thing on the site that makes a good profit. These guys told me the site was profiting 28% . not margins but profit.. I have the emails to verify this. I was also told the site was all free organic traffic form SEO work which had been done previously. A couple of days after I bought the site , traffic went form 550-600 a day to around 90-125 a day. Kris told me I had to set things up to get the traffic back where it was. He told me to do one thing to verify the site with Google which he said he would do and then show me how to do that .Said he would make a video . Never happened!! Thgen he asked if I set up a google Merchant account. I said no , why He replied you need to set that up to get more traffic , he said as soonas that is done it should go up. So I set up the merchant account. which is free. S I told him it was set up. He said he will make sure everything is fine and that traffic should increase. Shortly after it did go up some to the most about 200 a day form 120-145. SO i got about i would say 40 -70 more visitors a day. not the 430-460 a day as It had been doing . A few weeks later after I did get more orders- about half the items are discontinued, had to give refund -other refunds due to my cost being more than the price on the site and shipping is free. Plus paypal fees. I found out discontiued items would have to be removed one by one from the4 vendors -219,000 products how long wil that take since they never did any before . Anyway I noticed a charge on my CC from google weeks later-Kris without my consebn etc setup a PPC campaign. I stopped it right way . The bank told me I should call the police oin Kris which I am going to do now . George said Kris would never do that , I guess the campiagn appeared by itself . Those two guys told me tht they never said free traffic -I said I have a few emails from you guys saying so .. don’t trust them as far as you can throw the world . I may have to take a flight to texas and California if need be. By the way my Lawyer is blaming me for not working it and keeping the ppc going.. I said its all set up wrong its all a lie, its all discontinued items and I could never make it right . I would be better off starting from scratch and learning that way–way too many problems !! i bought it so I would be making the 1150.0 + per week my whole life is crashing quickly before me I have a daughter getting married in Sept and another going to college the year after — no I wont be able to help them , Because I can’t even live myself. running low on money .. Stay away form any website sales especially on BizBuy Sell . Either learn from some good homest person and open your own site or do something else before you end up with nothing. good luck to all Anyone wishing to contact or help me please respond to -sorry maybe they can forward your info help to me

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