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I went to Winn Dixie again last night (Tuesday 06/15/2010) to pick up some groceries, one of them being the Lasagna deal where if you purchase a party sized Stouffers lasagna you get the following for free: ? Pepperidge Farm garlic bread ? 2 liter Pepsi product ? Birds Eye vegetables ? Edy’s ice cream However, when I went through the line, the Birds Eye vegetables rang up as $2.34 and was not taken off at the end of the checkout like the other products were. I did not know this at the register as I was trying to keep an eye out for the prices and also bag my groceries. A difficult task. So after I pay for my groceries I get into my car and check through the receipt for errors because regardless how close I live to the store, I do not like having to turn back around after I’ve gotten home. Unfortunately this has become standard for me because your store always seems to be incorrectly charging me. I went back into the store and spoke to a gentleman behind the counter. He was very nice and apologized for the error, however I’m over any apologies from this store. He stated that with the meal deals there seems to be an issue with the register not always ringing it in correctly. Although this could be true, it seems that such a common occurrence would have been fixed by now. Unfortunately this was not the only thing that occurred at your Winn Dixie store last night. I went to purchase the Hickory Sweet bacon at 2 for $6.00. I went to the bacon section chose my two packages of bacon and continued on with my shopping. A few feet down was a display in the middle of the isles showing a sign of Hickory Sweet bacon 2 for $6.00. However, the bacon in the display consisted of the same brand of bacon, but not the one on sale. I understand that your store may have run out of enough bacon to place in the display, however why wasn’t the sign removed? I had to ask one of your associates, which one was on sale and then I told him how that was deceiving to have a sign for a sale on a product not actually in the bin display. I don’t think that he did anything about it, he just said that it could be confusing and then went on his way. It was mind-boggling. I then continue on with my shopping and pick up my milk and then make my way to the cereal isle for the following special: Free gallon of Winn-Dixie milk with purchase of ANY 4 participating Kelloggs cereals using your Customer Reward Card in a single transaction 06/09/2010-06/15/2010. The cereals included were 9.2 oz Corn Pops, 8.7 oz Froot Loops, 8.7 oz Apple Jacks, 9.0 oz Rice Krispies, 7 oz Speical K, 15 oz Raisin Bran, and 12 oz Corn Flakes. Well low and behold the only cereal that was actually available was 12 oz Corn Flakes. I was able to locate an employee and asked him about the cereal availability. He called over another gentleman who I can only assume was some sort of manager. The second gentleman only stated that he had ordered them and if they weren’t there I could get a rain check. I can not describe my frustration and irritation at this store, however I do want you to be aware that every person that I spoke to last night was very friendly and they did try to assist me. However, as stated in my previous complaint I will only continue to shop at Winn-Dixie for those really good deals, and will continue to do the majority of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and Publix. I guess now I can understand why Winn-Dixie has not adopted the Publix idea of giving the item away if it was priced incorrectly. If you did, this store would be in a lot of trouble. Thank you for your time.

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