Winners International San Jose California


Complaint: I’m not sure if this is the right place or format to bring up the details of this, but it has to start somewher- right?! A dear friend of mine is being scammed and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it! Everyone she tells about it tells her it’s a scam- she doesn’t seem to understand. She has paid thousands of dollars to Winners International for a 2015 Mercedes that she won that is in ‘storage’. This money she is paying is going towards storage fees. Once they are paid off, she’ll get the car and $5 million!- Sure!! She has been dealing with someone named “John’ from Washington D.C. John recently flew to the west coast in a corporate jet

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: to meet my friend and give her her money and car

Website: 000. (RED FLAG) last fall-reason unknown. She recently sent them a cashiers check which they said they could not cash (RED FLAG) and returned it. My friend sent them Cash! (another RED FLAG). She is using all kind of resources to acquire funds for this scam. She recently tapped her IRA for money and is awaiting instructions as to where to send it and how much. This has been on-going since fall of 2015. She refuese all of my requests to verify any of this; The Vehicle ID Number (VIN) of the car she won that’s in storage. a statement of money she has paid in so far

Phone: only to be called back east before any meeting could take place. He was picked up by the FBI for questioning there. My friend was told this by ‘Bob’ a friend of John’s after he was picked up. The FBI is questioning John about the fact that his collegues took out funds from my friends ‘escrow account’ without his or her consent. Last summer she owed $14

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