winstons on washington houston Texas


Complaint: this bar is totally a fraud. 1st of all, they dont honor their advertised specials, they overcharge you on your bill and the staff and manager are always doing drugs in the bathroom. The health department came in a few weeks ago and made them throw out a ton of food because it wasnt being stored properly and people were getting sick. they had to throw away liquor bottles because bugs were in the liquor. The manager slash one of the ownersr Tiffany Rose Medina is hated by everybody on Washington Avenue because she is a huge LIAR and coke head. She tries to instigate everything and acts like she is so innocent. she has burned a bridge with all of us on Washington Ave and surrounding bars and the truth needs to be heard. they do a lot of shady stuff there and one day the TABC is going to catch on and realize that they are getting ripped off and shut this garage s*** hole bar down.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 5111 washington ave houston, Texas USA



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