Wish For Solutions Review


– pop up warning came up on my computer and a voice -as saying Do Not Shut Down Your Computer, Do Not Try To Back Out All kinds of things except that I needed to call the number on the screen asap or I was going to lose everything on my computer. Even had the Microsoft emblem on the screen but the number I was to call was 1-888-877-4199. They had me believing that my computer wasn’t protected but they would protect it for $688.00. That was a discounted price because I am disabled. I was going to have to make 2 payments and make the check out to," Wish For Solutions 11405 Viers Mill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902." They even called Fedex to come to my house and pick up the first check for $300.00. After something bothering me I went into my computer and went directly to Microsoft and started talking with a real Microsoft Tech through Chat. He told me first to call my bank and stop payment on that check and then to call him back and for $149.00 I got Real Microsoft Support for a year. That was horrible because I was scrambling everywhere to get the money to pay this $688.00.

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