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I have been dealing with this company for about 6 months. I had the colleges i attended send my transcripts at least 3 times and each time there is something wrong, or they loose it and declare they never received it or it was received but is missing official stamp from the university or that they received a document but they can’t use it ( why? It’s a mystery that WES will not disclose) . Customer service is awful. No matter what time of the day you call them, you will he waiting 50 mns before your call is processed to a live operator, and then the headache starts, they will not answer your questions, they are rude and heartless and will get rid of you in less than a minute. They cancelled 2 years of my education without any formal consent from me and when i got frustrated and angry on the phone, the operator just cancelled my application without any written request from me. She sent an email telling me that i will be charged 50 $. For over 6 months i have been dealing with this attitude, they take your money up front and will not deliver the service and blame me for everything. When i told them that i never cancelled my application they ask me to send an email cancellong my cancellation ( which never occurred ) anyway i did as they said, still no improvement. Their phone number is just not working anymore and i can see on online reviews the number of victims extending. Something needs to be done to stop these deceitful people

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