World Gym Los Angeles California Review


After almost one year, I decided to terminate my membership to the World Gym located in the city of Glendale, CA. nOn 7/22/08, I called World Gym and asked what procedures were needed to cancel my membership. A representative said I would have to speak to Mariah and immediately transferred me to Mariah’s voice mail. I left a message asked that she call me at my cellular. nBecause Mariah never returned my call, on 7/23/08, I again called the World Gym and asked to speak to Mariah. I explained to the representative that agreement I signed one-year earlier was scheduled to expire on 7/26/08, but that unless I cancelled, I would be converted to a month-to-month membership and payments would continue to be debited from my checking account on the 26th of each month. I also requested that I not be transferred to Mariah’s voice mail. nI was placed on hold and a few seconds later, Mariah picked up and asked why I wanted to cancel my membership. I told her that the gym is poorly maintained and that on any given day, free weights are strewn about the gymnasium floor along with bars and handles for use on stationary machines. nI told her that members are not instructed to return equipment and the personnel at the gym, seem unmotivated in maintaining the appearance of the place. nMariah instructed that I write a letter stating that I wish to cancel my membership. She also said I must include a check in the amount of $35.00 made payable to World Gym and that I must enclose my photo membership with my letter, so that I can no longer use the facilities. I asked Mariah if I should state my reason for requesting cancellation. She curtly replied, “If you want.”” nCommensurate with her instructions

I wrote a letter which I placed in an envelope along with my membership card and a check in the amount of $35.00. I drove the post office located in the city of Glendale

where I dropped of the envelope. nOn 7/28/08

I reviewed my checking account balance and noticed the amount of $29.00 had again been debited for my account though I followed the instructions provided by Mariah which should have cancelled my membership. nThe fee which was debited from my account paid for membership for the of 7/26/08 through 8/25/08. Because I returned my membership card in accompaniment of the request cancelling my membership

I had no way of using the facilities (which I did not want to use). Furthermore

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