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Complaint: I tried a free plugin called WP Blog and Widget the ripp off con artists website is located here ( wordpress.org/plugins/wp-blog-and-widgets/ ) so be sure to stay away from these scammers. Anyway, I contacted them because their plugin didnot work with wordpress as stated. I was told that if I purchased the pro version it would work so I purchased it from this rip off scam company and it did not work. Of course at this time I asked for a refund and the con artist scammers refused. I read their own refund polocy back to them which stated if for ANY reason the plugin is not to your satisfaction or takes care of your needs we WILL refund. Total lie the rip off scammers totally would not adhere to their own policy. Not only that these FRAUDSTERS actually changed the refund policy. So I actually filed a dispute with paypal and they knew that not only were they about to pay a chargeback fee plus my refund but paypal wouls also penelize them for scamming. So at this point they actually spent like 5 minutes after all this crap and made it work mostly but not completely. Also as part of they deal they wanted me to revise the negative review I left. Just wanting to be done with these scandalous crooks I did so. I then needed to upgrade my wordpress theme a few weeks later and once again their plugin that is supposed to work for workpress does not work and of course these no good scam artists will not stand behind their mistakes and lend support for the flaws in their product. No customer service skills whatso ever. Actually filling a dispute with Amex for a chage back against them now. They want me to pay $600.oo for a year of support for their flawed product. Seriously that is the whole point why one purchases a plugin so you do not pay exorbatint coding fees. If I wanted to go that route I would have paid someone on free lancer to just write a blog into my theme without a pluging for like $30.00. Also keep in mind that these ripp off scammers are from another Country and I really have gotten the feeling that part of the reason that they are scamming is because we are from America it’s kinda really racist to be honest.

Tags: Computer Software

Address: Internet USA

Website: wordpress.org/plugins/wp-blog-and-widgets/


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