My cousin’s Facebook acct & Messenger was hacked, so, he changed his FB password & DELETED Messenger off his phone.Then I get a message SUPPOSEDLY from my cousin, which simply said, "Hi". I engaged in conversation with him, in which he quickly asked me if I’d heard about this government grant program. I WARNED him that it was MOST LIKELY a scam! He told me that $50,000 was delivered to him IMMEDIATELY! (In the mean time I Googled the name of the program & read a WARNING from the ScamPulse.com about it. I screenshot the info & sent to this person, thinking it was my cousin!) He quickly was explaining that it IS legit. I URGED him to CALL this "friend" who had Messaged him to find out IF it was REAL! He ASSURED me it IS REAL! SUDDENLY, I REALIZED that THIS person is PROBABLY trying to scam ME, so I called my cousin to see IF he & I were visiting on Messenger. His answer, "NO! I was hacked, changed my FB Password, & DELETED Messenger!" Then, I IMMEDIATELY DELETED Messenger off my phone, TOO!

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