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I ordered from Nala Grace in May of last year and received my order in three weeks. It was lovely and my little girl looked great. I was so pleased that I placed a second order with them in July 2010. When September rolled around and I had not received anything, I emailed the company multiple times demanding a return of my money or my product. They sent me an email at the end of September stating that my order had been lost and that they had reshipped it. When I still had not received anything in October, I repeatedly tried to contact the company and no one would return my emails, even after threatening to sue them for removing moeny from my bank account. In November 2010, I filed a report with the BBB of New Jersey, where the company is located. They were not able to help me as my services had been internet related. They suggested filing a complaint with the ecommerce division. I didn’t want to waste my energy with them and have eaten the cost. This is now May 2011 and there have been no bows!

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