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Complaint: I hear to let everybody know about Hayder Alexander Rodas Balcero & Cristina Lopez de Pablo Bonilla owner of www.redpay.es they have stole using Fraud more then 350,000 usd from honest people in Colombia Venezuela Spain eeuu Mexico salvador and allot of other country they tell them to put a security deposit refundable in 20-50 business days and then don’t return nothing and keep all the money they processed also they are already under investigation for extortion fraud forgery and identity theft cause then they end up charging the cards 4-10 times till they take out all the money from each and everyone of the clients they work and process for they are the worst of the worst and the FBI and Interpol are looking for them if you have any information call our nu00famero and let us know please this guy has to be stopped he works with www.slogold.net/ both from Mexico and hayder alexander rodas balcero by what o heard in his accent he is from Colombia please avoid falling into this fraud and tell the police if they try contacting you

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.redpay.es/

Phone: +1 315 636 0853

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