Wyndham Fairfield Maryland Heights Missouri Review


In 1999 we purchased our first of many Fairfield Points. We were told that the points would be for life and that we would be able to will them to our children. We have been very happy with this timeshare until we received a letter stating that the Osage National points we received with our purchase at Osage National would no longer be honered by Wyndham/Fairfield. nNow when we bought the points originally we were new to the timeshare industry and trusted the sales represenative with what we were told (mistake). We have purchased more points since that first time and the sales people would always try and move those points to another Fairfield location. But, they would always come back and say that wasn’t possible with these points. We didn’t think a whole lot about since we were able to use those points at different loacations and it was no big deal, so we thought. nThe letter we received from Wyndham stated that they were ending there affiliation agreement with Osage National Golf Resort and our points would revert back to that location and we would no longer recieve the points allocation with Wyndham. I contacted Wyndham about how I was misled by them and they stated that the contract specified that they if the affiliation would ever end the points would no longer be Fairfield points. nHad we realized that when we purchased them we never would have bought those points in the first place. We don’t use the location that we purchased the points at and now we don’t have the points to use at any other Fairfield location either. They are more than willing to sell us more points to make up for the points we lost which I think is part of the reason for ending the agreement. nI suggest you never take for face value what the salesmen tell you and you may want a lawyer to review the contract before you purchase. They will tell you whatever to make the sale. Never purchase points from an affiliate location. nWe have been happy owners with Wyndham/Fairfield until this came about. What I’m trying to say is be very aware of what you purchase from Wyndham. What you think you were buying and what you actually bought may be completly different. nVirgil ****nMaryland Heights, MissouriU.S.A.

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