X2GEN Loveland Ohio Review


I bought a 19″ monitor from Micro Center and a %50 rebate was advertised. I submitted the required forms and documents. There was a label in the box with the barcode and serial just as it appeared on the UPS label from the box so I used it on the form. nI kept a copy of all forms. 9 weeks later I’m told by The Express Group rebate ahndlers that I’m disqualified because I didn’t use the cardboard UPC label from the box. I think X2GEN included the sticker UOPC label to dupe me into getting disqualified from getting my rebate. nBottom line is I purchased the product and provided more than adequate proof to the rebate center of this purchase. Their rules are invented to deny rebates and rebates should be outlawed in the first place. The label placed in the box by X2GEN seems to be a courtesy but in fact is there to create the excuse to deny the rebate. Why else would a label that fits exactly into the rebate form be placed in the box?? nI have filed complaints against the rebate center and X2GEN with BBB and attorney general from Ohio and Arizona. I’m going to press this matter to the mat. nEdwardnLoveland


PO Box 374 Wood Dale, Illinois U.S.A.


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