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(BUYERS BEWARE, AVOID THIS SELLER) XIAMEN SENYANG CO Ltd. SPACE TREK, medicalxm.com en.medicalxm.com and other websites = Ripoff Con Artist, Con Man, PING WANG alises aka, SY CARTER, CARTER LIN, CARTER, JACK, etc, etc. Along with Ripoff Con Woman alises aka, SUSAN WANG, SUSAN DING, SUSAN ANNY DING, ANNY DING, SUSAN, etc, etc. Emails. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] etc, etc. We bought & payed for a number of Different Customised Medical Alternating Air Mattresses, APP-T08 with P06B Medical Alternating Pumps. We Explained & were told mattresses were customised with micro air holes for cooling & ventilation. When set up, NONE of the mattresses we payed for were customised with micro air holes. We explained & requested & were told Alternating Medical air pumps were 10 – 50mmHg (Softer) but pumps were 70 – 200mmHg Pumps & Mattresses did not Alternate Correctly. Some cell’s every alterntive cell on the mattress would NOT alternate staying hard causing the patients PAIN & UNFAIR SUFFERING and caused stage 4 & 5 DECUBITUS ULCERS BEDSORES to BREAK DOWN causing BLEEDING. Zip up cover not waterproof, urine, blood, & liquids go straight through the cover staining the white reverse & cells, un hygienic. A qualified medical bed electrical engineer examined the pump’s and mattresses and said the medical alternating air pumps are not manufactured correctly from China. Contacted PING WANG aka SY CARTER etc, he said send photos, this CROOKED CON MAN, PING WANG tries to brush you off, unhelpful, he’s not learned yet. So we had to come on here to warn others. (BUYERS BEWARE, AVOID THIS SELLER)

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