XoticPC & Owner, Justin Nolte Freehold Nationwide Review


BUYER BEWARE! If you do business with XoticPC and wish to return merchandise. They will attempt to delay the 10 day window for the No Questions Asked Guarantee by not providing you with the required RMA # unless you become assertive with them. Justin Nolte n6000 Woodstock AvenLincoln, NE 68512-1802n402-466-2090 nJustin was extremely angry that merchandise I returned to them was stolen while in the custody of UPS. It was proven that the merchandise went missing after leaving the state that I reside in and UPS took full responsibility. Because he was unable to recover his damages he has and continues to conduct himself in an unprofessional manner. He, or an employee at his direction, has posted libel statements on the internet about myself. nHe also had a peer of his, who happens to be an attorney that practices in Real Estate and Environmental Law, use his firms letterhead in an attempt to bully me into paying them money they were not entitled to. Ultimately this attorney violated the FDCPA by intentionally filing suit in the wrong venue even after being informed of this fact. Additionally some of the communications were also in violation. These men used bullying tactics and did not operate within the scope of what I would deem an ethical way to handle the situation. Although this incident happened back in March of 2012, he has repeatedly emailed me as recently as January 27, 2013. I have sent him Cease & Desist letters and he refuses to stop communicating with me. nBe very careful when dealing with this man because it appears to me that he either lacks the moral compass to respect personal, professional and legal boundaries or is simply emotionally incapable of handling an unfortunate situation and wishes to victimize me as a result. I fear that the only way this is going to end is if I waste my time and energy dragging him here to my state to sue him for harassment and libel and collect punitive damages on the above mentioned FDCPA violations.

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