Xperience Days Seattle Washington Review


It has been so frustrating to deal with this company and the only thing stopping me from absolute despair is that it wasn’t our direct money that was lost; It was a Christmas gift from work. We have subsequently made sure that our studio knows the scam we’ve been put through and will never purchase services from them again. 200 co-workers will get better gifts next year! The reason that I am so ticked off is that we received an Xperience Days gift package in the amount of $250-$350 dollars for Christmas in 2010. We didn’t want the immediate hassle of booking a tour using the gift card so it was placed in a drawer for some time. November of 2011 sprang upon us and we were concerned that the gift would expire so we redeemed the value of the card online through Xperience Days, much like we would an Amazon gift card. An account was created and the money was redeemed – I could view the amount verified on the computer screen! Having redeemed the card, we foolishly threw the thing away. That was a huge mistake. The difference between Amazon and Xperience Days is the first one is refutable and we’ve redeemed cards with them before. Xperience Days is scammy, but read on because I haven’t finished my story. Months later when we log into the account to schedule an “experience”” we find that our account balance is at $0.00. Though it makes no sense and must be wrong

we had confidence that contacting the company would help sort things out! They would look into our account

see that we had logged in and created an account back in November

that we had transacted on the Redeem Gift website and they could “”find”” our lost money and reapply it. Hah! Wrong! Xperience Days put the burden of proof on us. They said the only way they could help us is if we provided them the gift card again. Well

no s**t Sherlock. Why the heck would I bother with your horrendous customer service if I had the card? I’d put the numbers in again myself. But there you have it. The meat of the matter. Here is a company that redeemed my gift and gave me $0.00 then told me to prove it to them. I work in databases and I know for a fact that if they looked into the issue they could see that I’m not lying. The proof is in the log ins on your database with my account; Why the heck would I otherwise create an account and give you my information. Why would I be on those webpages of your site putting in data? Your website gliched! Your company took my gift! Why do I have to prove that to you? Because how can I? They don’t care. They have my money and they can blame me for losing it. That’s the problem with gift cards; the company gets an immediate benefit and from there on out it becomes counterproductive for them to assist the card holder any further. Secretly

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