Yahoo Mail Corpus Christi Texas


Complaint: I had stored many personal emails and contacts with a yahoo email account for over 11 years. When I tried to log on one day, it would not recognize my password. I tried to follow their prompts to retrieve my password, but no luck. I was shocked to learn that they don’t have a Customer Service number where i could speak with a live person. ALL communication is through repetive prompts that led me right back to where I started. I finally received an email answer which began with a paragraph about TOS (terms of service) and that Yahoo reserves the right to terminate the account WITHOUT NOTICE, but no mention of what I wrote. When I appealed this through another email, the answer that they believed that they fully answered the case, but that I was welcome to play around some more through their maze of circular email prompts. It’s disgusting that they can delete the account without warning And leave no recourse to get the emails back. I’d even PAY THEM to get them back. Yahoo is unreasonably cruel and harsh.

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