Yancey Bros Sunroom Elk Grove California Review


I Cannot remember exact date of the building of Sunroom from Yancey Bros, but I am sure it was in or abouts 2003. From the very start the Sunroom leaked. I called Yancey Bros and they sent their technicians out at least 20 times within a year and still could not figure out what was causing the leaking. Finally after a year, they finally figured out the leaking. However, my roof probably sustain alot of water damage. I did not have to pay any cost because Sunroom was still under warranty. As of 2010, my roof is leaking again. Yancey came out and told me that my gutters were damaged and that they needed to be replaced and it would be $500.00 because the Sunroom was no longer under warranty. Well, my gutters and probably my roof are damaged because from the very beginning the roof constantly leaked and constant leaking will cause water damage. I do not want Yancey Bros to fix my gutters/roof for $500.00 because they are ones who caused the problem in the first place by not providing me with a well constructed Sunroom. As of November 2010, I have contacted two other local Sacramento Sunroom Companies to find out if they can possibly fix my Sunroom. Have not receive a quote yet, but I will have to come out of the pocket to fix a Sunroom that was not constructed correctly in the first place. This to me is a health and safety issue, because water damage to a roof could cause the roof to collaspe. I have only one income and work for the State of California ( furloughs),and I am financially challenged. However, I have to find the money some how to fix this Sunroom because I do not want the roof to collaspe. This is causing me alot of stress. Yancey Bros should have to fix my Sunroom for free

8250 Alpine Ave Sacramento, California United States of America


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