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Complaint: Firstly before doing business with Yankee home improvement meet the general manager, the man reeks of bulls*. From successful business man as myself, I wouldn’t put this guy in charge of the sandbox. Ger Ronan on the other hand is much better at discussing himself as a wolf in Sheeps clothing. To make this very long nightmare story short. They destroyed my home. I paid 50k for a glass conservatory. First they started the project late. Sent contractors who never constructed a sunroom. Fired the first project manager stalling my project. When I phoned the general manager he was clueless, the British speaking salesman never returned my calls. The office manager Kathy, is the most rude individual I ever came across. I would never allow my office help to act in that manner. I would pay her not to answer the phone because she lacks an ounce of customer service skill. And the owner himself ger Ronan acted as if I was a bother to him.he was annoyed by me. Fast forward a month later they hired another project manager who again had little to no knowledge on construction. Which left an addition with water pouring through the windows and doors now I have Black mold everywhere. The company wouldn’t pay the electrician so I paid twice. Doors installed wrong, locks on backwards. Check my YouTube video for proof. I hired an attorney for 375 an hour and they couldn’t find the time to answer their response. Not once did Ger come out to my house to make it right. Customer for life huh? I’ve since found several more unsatisfied customers who have similar nightmare stories. I encouraged them to seek legal advice. Looks like 2015 isn’t going to be the year he is anticipating. My goal is to get them out of the bj’s stores so no one has to endure the aggravation of this company. Please do your homework. They use old out of date high pressure sales tactics to push their Cheap products. If you sign a raffle I the store you will be called endlessly.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 82 industrial rd Northampton , Massachusetts USA

Website: yankeehomeinc.com/


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