Yelp Autopost – Ashley Furniture, San Diego – Georgia Mills, California san diego California Review


I found further information following my Yelp report Wish I would have read the Yelp reviews on this place prior to purchasing furniture from here!!!!! This was the worst buying experience of my entire life, not only with delivery but also with customer service! We ordered a sectional couch, 2 end tables, a coffee table, and dining room set on March 26th….1st delivery 4/19(earliest they could do)-Cancelled2nd delivery 4/21- Cancelled3rd delivery 4/26-sectional piece was completely broken and center part of sectional(wedge) not ready(“manufacturer issue”” they call it)4th delivery 5/5 recieved previously broken part of sectional but wedge still a “”manufacturer issue””5th delivery 5/12- NO show

No call( perfect way to spend my 1st Mother’s Day at home waiting on Ashley furniture for nothing)6th delivery 5/19 finally recieved the wedgeThroughout this hellacious experience with this incompetent company we placed approximately 20 calls to the Ashley Furniture headquarters customer service and NEVER recieved a return call regarding our complaints!!! Interestingly someone would call from this same unorganized “”headquarters”” to give us the cancellations and reschedule dates. We did get in contact with two store managers from the actual store where we purchased the furniture(Emily and Georgia) who were semi-helpful and atleast sympathetic of what we were experiencing. Despite the managers attempt to be helpful when we finally did actually speak with them

the service was too terrible and not much could be offered to improve our situation. For this reason we have instead made an official complaint to the BBB.In the end we realized the “”blowout sale”” Ashley Furniture was having really wasnt much of a sale and the sale prices were comparable to Jeromes and other surrounding stores. BEWARE OF ASHLEY FURNITURE! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR GO THROUGH THE ADDED STRESS OF THIS PLACE!!!”

7310 Miramar Rd. San Diego, California USA

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