Complaint: I wrote a warning on yelp about a jeweler who ripped me off and their reputation is getting worse. They spend thousands of dollars in advertising to get people to sell their gold, yes you know it is Leo Hammel Jewelers and when I filed a complaint to warn the community to beware that they will screw you, Yelp received a complaint from their probible paying business customer, and they remove my complaint and warning so more people can be ripped off. This, in my eyes, makes them just as cupable as they are. How can Yelp allow this when we as the consumer have been convinced to trust them and their recomendations. No more if you trust Yelp you might as well take the money you have and instead of giving Yelp the satisfaction of earning your business so one of their businesses can rip you off, just take your money and send it to the ASCPA or your local Animal Control or even better just turn the water on in your kitchen sink and throw it in the garbage disposal and turn it on. You will not feel as bad, as if you you get ripped off.

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Address: Internet United States of America



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