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Complaint: I have no court decision that proclaims that this company is guilty of extortion of funds, but rather this is my own opinion based on my experiences, and insight into that experience. Extortion is how their business practices feels to those hardworking business owners who have gone through something similar. In my opinion, these scam artists shouldn’t be allowed to legally do what they did and I hope that others might learn from this cautionary tale. I strongly urge anyone investigating whether or not they should advertise with Yelp to 1) read Yelp’s own reviews on Yelp’s page. 2) use Google to discover for yourself just how many other similar, extremely negative experiences others have had with this platform. It would be my suggestion that you stay away from this company and do anything you can to keep your information off of their platform so as not to assist them in any way. These extortionists allowed me to create an ad, and then to cancel it just 3 days after I started it. I was not seeing any tangible results from the campaign, and therefore didn’t feel like burning any more of my money. The only thing was … they didn’t cancel it! The ad ran for the rest of the month. Only after they took hundreds of dollars out of my account did I even realize the ad was still running. I called to dispute the charges. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. They told me that the chargers were going to be charged no matter what I did, and there was no “second tier”” or “”supervisor”” that I could speak to

Tags: Advertising, Extortion Artist, Extortion of Funds

Address: no place for me to report a bug

Website: someone from their support team (I assume this was a “”higher tier”” which they claimed they didn’t have) called me back to my amazement. He wanted to offer me $300 in credit

Phone: no options for me. They were going to take my money and I was never going to have any power to do anything about it

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