YMCA/OASAS program Mount Sinai New York


Complaint: Ripoff YMCA/OASAS program required for NY DWI/DUI drivers. Initial evaluation costs $100+ and its dragged out into 3 sessions. If youre more than 15 minutes late for 2nd or 3rd session they make you start the program from the beginning and pay in FULL again! They dont tell you that on the phone when you signup for the initial appointment, youre told AFTER they take your money about the 2 other sessions. And the late rule was never mentioned, until it happened to me. When I phoned around for OASAS accredited programs, researching program costs the YMCA seemed like the less expensive option, but dont get ripped off like me. Its better to pay a little more and get an honest evaluation with a reputable counselor than risk being late to 1 outa 3 YMCA session and having to start again. You end up paying double! YMCA/OASAS also has a reputation for exaggerating or fabricating a clients mental state and/or drinking/drug issues so they can require more sessions, therefore more money for them. Worst part, you gotta suck it up because its required if you have a DWI/DUI. YMCA/OASAS is a racket with insensitive staff. I remember the YMCA as a kid, good organization back then. Isnt the YMCA supposed to help the community? Stay away from YMCA/OASAS Centereach NY. Despicable program, talk about kicking someone when they are already down.

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Address: 2545 Middle Country Road, Centereach NY 11720 Centereach, New York United States of America


Phone: 631-580-7777

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