Yolanda Gonzales – Seymour, Indiana Indiana


My husband and I both worked with this woman Yolanda Gonzales. She pretended to be a friend, bringing home made food and gifts. My husband was flattered by the attention and we were having a hard time. She told him that he husband had left her which he hasn’t. She convinced my husband they could have a life together. They met and supposedly just kissed. He told her he was going to leave me for her and she got mad when he didn’t and didn’t have the time to spend with her. I found out about the texting and everything came out. We’re still together, but it’s hard. He lost his job and she was going in my work area harassing me. She was already messing around with another guy from work when she was trying to take my husband. She has no morals that’s for sure and probably raising her poor kids to be just like her…

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