Young Explorers Complaint


A friend sent my son a $100.00 item from Young Explorer’s for his birthday. We felt funny exchanging the item, but decided it was too similar to something he already had. I have purchased items many times before, as well, from YE). After paying $26.00 (oversized, insured, UPS) out of pocket (which I knew ahead of time I would be doing), Young Explorers received the item December 3. (Three separate times I called mid-day and was told to call later due to “heavy calls”). I had written on the back of the return form the items we wanted in lieu of the original gift just as their instructions stated; but, one month later… nothing arrived. So I called, spoke to a rep who acknowledged the account was noted Dec. 23. Now, two weeks later and MULTIPLE follow up phone calls, I have been told me that they credited her credit card (which they say is now being declined) and are unable to exchange the item. Their UNPUBLICIZED/UNWRITTEN store policy is that EVERY item is ALWAYS credited back and requested items for EXCHANGE are then RECHARGED to the purchaser. So, the bottom line is the gift giver ALWAYS know if the recipient returns the gift for something else (which can be awkward). In my case, I would actually have to call my friend and say, “Can you please call them and give them a new credit card number because for all I know your expiration date is different from the one in their computer or your card number was stolen and you’ve cancelled your card.” My friend is financially secure; that is not the issue. HOW AWKWARD TO HAVE TO DO THIS! HOW AWKWARD FOR THE GIVER TO KNOW IF YOU ARE EXCHANGING THE GIFT! This “exchange” policy is not printed anywhere on the form but according to YE it is their state law. One person I spoke with said, “Let me ask my supervisor if we can issue a gift card…” “unfortunately, no.” I was told this again (after I requested to please speak to the supervisor). Sadly, the “supervisor” was INCREDIBLY indifferent and basically read a “one size fits all” script on how to handle situations like these. I will definitely ask my friend if she has been credited for the amount, and I will encourage her and ALL of my friends to shop elsewhere for true customer service. They need to take a lesson from Zappos, Target, or the Department of Motor Vehicles for that matter. Very disappointing. I never raised my voice or used bad language, but did tell them their customer service is extremely misleading, disappointing, and certainly not geared towards satisfying their customers. It is NOT 100% as stated on their website.

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