Your Social Life Review


I joined this event planning company for singles with a year’s pre-paid membership for $1200 in good faith that they would be responsible and professional for their events. Boy was I wrong. To kick-start my socialization, I registered for 5 events in one month (most of which you pay additioanlly for), I only went to one which the location was changed last minute and the other two events consecutively were cancelle. After the first event was cancelled I asked the hostess, Rachel if it was common that the events were cancelled last minute and she said “No”, we will usually give you 24 hours, well that was not true because the next event in less than a week’s time was cancelled last-minute. I am an entrepreneur and I carved out time for this socialization and finding out at the last minute of the cancellation cost me money that I could’ve been making doing business as usual. When I called their headquarters to give my grievance, they were asking me to understand the logistics of the vendors occasionally canceling on them, a large number of participants at the last minute cancel on them. Why explain this once someone has spent over a grand on your company?The consumer deserves to know that its a 50/50 chance that the event may take place before taking out the investment. Do not waist your hard earned money with this event organization. Use a “meet-up” complimentary service online for singles that you pay as you go to the events that have not been cancelled. This company takes your money up-front and entraps you when you are dissatisfied. They will not last long with unethical business practices. .

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