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I purchased a TV Series from the website The product was labeled as the “Limited Edition”” collector’s series of Combat! a popular series in the 60’s. The product was shown with the exact same image as on and other websites – same description

but at about 60% of the price. I’ve seen obvious scams before

but the site looked legit – none of the product descriptions indicated that the product was anything other than a licensed copy of the series. When the product arrived

it came in 2 DVD cases (not 3 as pictured on the site). The covers of the cases were basic paper with a picture from the series printed on them with a very poor quality printer (looked like a 15-year old did it in his basement). The discs themselves (all 40 of them) were also printed with labels that looked like a very poor lightscribe quality & the discs were HAND-NUMBERED 1-40. Again

obviously someone just making copies of a legitimate product would be my guess. Did I mention the product shipped from China? Oh

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