YTI Career Institute Review


This school is a joke. I was lied to by the admissions office saying that all my credits would transfer to ANY school I choose to. So I took the plunge and was completly disgusted. There were a couple of teachers that taught well and I learned a lot from them, however most either could not teach or just didn’t care. The staff (exculding teachers) treated me very rudely, since they got their money, I guess they don’t care. Your last “term” you have to complete an internship, most of which were not paying. They charged me $5000 for that term and I only stepped foot in the school one time during that term. So I graduated, relocated to another state and decieded to go for my bachelor’s. Guess what? None of my credits transfer to any college. I called YTI and asked them about my credits and was told “Oh, you know most schools don’t accept our credits.” The only thing I could do was laugh, I was never screwed over so bad by any company in my life. Now I started over again and have to go for another four years to get a degree from a real college. Don’t go to this school, they will lie about anything to get you in the door, and you’ll regret every minute of it.

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