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Complaint: On or about August 2001 approximatley 6:00pm. My family and I enter a establishment called Yukon Taveren. This is a sit in restaurant. Once we enter this restarurant we had to seat ourselves and voulantary raised our hand to be recognized that we needed assistance. The waitress who represented this establishment was hesitant to serve us and displayed somewhat a racial resentment. While we were sitting at Yukon Restaurant I notice that their was no other nationality except caucasian who was employed at Yukon Restaurant.My wife notice that we were the only interracial couple sitting in this restaurant. This was the first encounter with this restaurant.The second encounter happen on or about September 2002. Once again we enter Yukon Tavern for a family outing. At this time we took our kids with us. As a family we do not show discrimination or prejudice to our kids. While at this restaurant we encounter the same problem. Our family walked in and we were told by waitress that we can not sit in a specific location. So I question why we could not sit in this location. The waitress could not give me or my wife a legitminate answers. Although there were other caucasian family sitting in the area,this was the second encounter. The third and last time encounter with Yukon Tavern was when my wife and her 4 co-workers enter this establishment. Two of her co-workers were caucasian and the other two were minority.They all sat at the same table. Two of the four sitting there were served and the other two were not served. The two that was served were the caucasian and the other two had to leave the establishment 2hours later after having to waved down the waitress and sitting there waiting for food in which the waitress never put in the order and never came back to the table to ask us if we needed anyything. The establishment has proven to be very discriminating and ignorant Beware if you are a minority!!! Eric George Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.

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Address: 525 S Circle Dr Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A.


Phone: 719-475-0050

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