Yulo Toys Inc. Mesa Arizona Review


Written January 10,2015 I came across this company from a google ad pop up,while searching for online food supplies.I visited their website which is very nice with 3 or 4 descriptive sentences written about each item that they show available for purchase.(over a thousand different items I’m sure) This company specializes in importing and distributing foodstuffs,liquor,and toys from Germany.They claim to have a few different warehouses around the U.S. where the orders will be shipped from.Main company contact address is 2942 N.24th street, Phoenix Arizona 85016 which as it turns out is nothing more than a rental office in an old,small office building in downtown Phoenix.(I live in AZ and checked it out) Before I ordered,I did do a background check on the company and saw all the complaints people had filed over the years against this company.Because of this,I made sure to use a credit card to pay for the purchase,because if the merchant doesn’t deliver,the credit card company will get your funds restored while they deal with the crooks. Unfortunately,I am just the latest victim on top of the pile.My experience was very much the same as many reported against this company.I decided to try a small order with the company for 3 different items;all of which were shown in stock and available to ship in 1 to 3 days.After not receiving any items,I checked my order number info with their website and learned that my order had been closed (without ever notifying me) and that each item now showed “refunded”” on the company invoice.Only problem is that no money was ever refunded back to the credit card.The in stock

ready to ship items that I had ordered apparently were not available and to their credit

I noticed they had now removed them from their website.I first tried to contact them through several phone numbers that I found for the company but never was able to get to a live person or leave a message no matter what time of day I tried to call.I also wrote them an email explaining my situation and after about a week

they responded saying my credit card would be refunded in 3 or 4 days.I still have yet to see anything from Yulo so I filed a dispute with my credit card company to get my money refunded.The credit card company credited my account temporarily until they research the claim but have given Yulo a 2 month window to respond to the problem.Still waiting to see how this eventually plays out. Even though they produced a nice website

the company appears to be nothing more than a bunch of ripoff artists looking to seperate unsuspecting people from their money.After all

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