Yuval Green


Yuval Greennothing more than a thief. I hired him to change all of my deadbolts and locks at my home (9 total). After his work was completed I noticed that the locks he used were not brand new like he charged me. I paid $1475 for a bunch of used locks. When I tried contacting him he kept assuring me they were new and he would provide me with receipts matching the serial numbers on the locks themselves as proof. This was all a big lie. After the third time he had to reschedule I gave up. He also only provided me with one set of keys instead of the 2 sets each new lock comes with.

The fact that he purposely kept a set of my keys has caused me anxiety behind belief. He has now blocked my number. Coincidently I noticed multiple valuables that have gone missing the past 2 weeks from my guest house. The guesthouse is inside my gated home and no signs of forced entry are visible. I will be filing a police report and will dedicate all of my energy to warn people to stay away from this criminal.

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 6302 Rancho Mission Rd
Phone 619 392 0847

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