Zac Brown Band Fort Collins Colorado Review


We went to the Friday night (7/29) concert for Zac Brown Band at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The “party zone”” area we were sold tickets for was for a standing room only area. It was standing room only alright–not enough room for all the women we saw who had passed out or who were laying on the ground trying to get away from the heat and packed surroundings. People laying on the ground who had to be stepped over by passers by. nWe saw numerous fights breakout between people trying to get past others to move through the crowd. After two hours of warmup bands the lead act finally took the stage–and things in the crowd got even uglier. People had been drinking heavily and were packed together in the heat. Some party/ nPeople were refusing to let anybody get by–including people who were obviously sickened by heat and claustrophobia. It’s probably going to take somebody getting trampled and dying at one of these events to change things. nNow ZBB and CFD have been publicly notified in an open forum. nStay away for your own health and safety.”

Gainesvill, Georgia United States of America

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