Zanides Public Relations Review


I entered into a month to month rental agreement with Linda Zanides to rent a bedroom with an en suite bathroom with a private entrance. I signed the rental agreement and gave Linda Zanides a check for $3000.00 which was $1200 for the first months rent and $1800.00 for the security deposit. When the 1st of October arrived Linda notified me that the room I had contracted for was still occupied by the existing tenant. Via telephone call she offered me another bedroom that she had but it did not have a private bathroom. I accepted as she said the actual room would be available on October 7th. After spending two nights in the alternate room, I had a set of personal circumstances occur which caused me to give my thirty days notice. I provided written notice via email on Sunday, October 5th and she rponded by telling me that I had to give thirty days notice so I was under contract until November 5th. I told her I would be vacating immediately and I made arrangements to return the keys to her and retrieve the few personal items I had left in the room. On Friday, October 7th I gave her the keys, gate remote and took my things. She said she would mail my security deposit check to me at my Santa Rosa home address. I waited until November 4th and when I still had not received the check I started contacting Ms. Zanides via email and text. She texted me back and said the check had been mailed on November 1st. When I had still not received it on November 7th I told her I wanted to come to her home and retrieve a replacement check. She texted back and said she was out of town And not to come over. I told her again that I needed the money. She texted back that it would “be handled.” Since then I have not received a check and she will not answer or return my calls, texts, emails or messages. It is now November 12th and I need my money back.

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