ZocDoc Complaint


After using a dentist, based on the 37 favorable reviews shown on ZocDoc.com, it turned out that dentist wasn”t anywhere as good as the biased reviews said. … I wanted to post a negative review about this dentist but was told I can not, because I didn”t “book” the appointment from the ZocDoc.com site, first. … And was told to read their “review policy” regarding it. … I offered to show proof I used the dentist in question, but wasn”t given any consideration to do so, and was told, by the ZocDoc REP, the dentists advertising on their site request this policy. … When I read a review site, I”m not thinking of writing a review before using the dentist, and have NO need to view any “review policy”. … This site seems to “protect” the dentists from negative reviews, hiding behind this “review policy”, without regard for the public users “right-to-know” the truth about the dentists advertising on ZocDoc.com … I strongly suggest to the public, to IGNORE all reviews on ZocDoc.com as biased, and paid-for by the dentists listed there, as simply advertising for bad dentists who want to keep their secret.

This review (ZocDoc Complaint) was originally published at Skeptic Files.

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