zodiac mount dora Florida Review


on april 24 2005 i administered zodiac to my kitten with in a hour she was haveing seazures and foaming at the mouth. I rushed her to the kitchen sink to give a bath with dish soap. called the vet and rushed her to the emergency. she was almost dead they rushed to to give her a iv and another bath with dish soap. after a hour the vet said they would like to keep her over night with iv. the cost was $500.00 not much for a loving pet put we did have that kind of money. nthe vet said we could take her home and administer the medicine by pill and call in the moring. was up all night with her by morning she could not walk. but had stoped shaking. today after all the personnal care she is alive and walking three days later that was a close call to try to save a few dollers and spent a lot more in the long run. nDianenmount dora, FloridaU.S.A.

Mount Dora, Florida U.S.A.

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