Zone Tan Tanning Salon Joliet Illinois Review


I stopped at Zone Tan in Bolingbrook, IL on my way home from work thinking I wanted to get a spray tan. While waiting, the phone rang. It must have been the manager or owner calling based on things I overheard. It seemed they could somehow hear what was happening in the salon even though they were no where to be seen. I wondered how they knew certain specifics if they weren’t there. That’s when it struck me. The place was bugged. They are secretly recording and listening in on customers. If this place was legit, they would have signs posted warning customers of this. No Signs Anywhere! The thought of being secretly recorded in a tanning salon made me sick to my stomach. nBefore leaving I learned a little more about this shady business. They don’t accept cash. Everything is done automatically by Debit or Credit Cards giving them access to your personal account information. One of the so-called required spray tan documents is just an underhanded way of getting customers to give them permission to send text messages to their cell phones. BEWARE of unauthorized charges on your credit and debit cards and pay close attention to anything they say you are required to sign. Stop spending money at salon’s with deceptive, sneaky business practices and choose reputable tanning salons where the managers are around to answer questions not stalking employees and customers behind video cameras. It’s a pretty nifty scam…the owners/managers of Zone Tan sit back and watch everything on secret recordings leaving the part time employees to do the dirty work. nI’ve gathered enough proof to take my findings to the better business bureau and to an attorney to find out if legal action can be taken against the owners.

1239 Boughton Rd Bolingbrook, Illinois United States of America


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